'Mood' Sketches
Not sure if they were useful but fun to do. (No influence on the design that's for sure).
Colour visuals
I am not very happy with the more finished colour work I did on Dumbo.   I prefer the black and white sketchy art I did early on. Of course it is easier to do something cool when you are free to make up the shapes! The elephant dynamo was not in the script and didn't go anywhere - I thought it was funny.
Early sketches
I think my graphic illustration style doesn't really suit Dumbo.  He needs a softer more traditional pencil approach. I am not very good at that style.
Casey Jr.  vs The Dreamliner Express
Did not have to look far (or try hard) to provide concepts for the two train characters. Not much different to real world trains from that period. 
Script breakdown doodles 
If I have the time and really need to keep the script in my head I will sketch it as I go through it. I had no intention of showing these sketches  to anyone so there was no pressure to make them look good.  However Rick (Heinrichs our PD) thought they were  useful and had them printed out and stuck on the wall with all the other more finished art.  I probably wouldn't have done them as effectively if I knew  that in advance. 

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