Environments and Sets 
Included below are some early ideas for Rey's homestead (before the idea of her living in a downed ATAT emerged). I didn't spend long in the art department - moved over to costume to help design Kylo Ren and ended up staying until the end of the production. 
Characters and Costumes
I thought Judi Dench would have made the perfect Maz Kanata and was the inspiration behind the nun-like one below. 
Rejected Kylo Ren designs.  
Or 'Jedi killer' as we called him at the time. Andrei Rublev was the inspiration for the tight fitted hood and clothing-medieval but not in the usual way. 
Captain Phasma   
I can't claim to have 'designed' this as it was Michael Kaplan's idea to have a storm trooper made of chrome. I wasn't  sure about it until I saw Phasma and it looked great. Dave Crossman suggested the Russian army style cloak- I didn't suggest anything just made it look cool. 
Turntable for rejected Jedi Killer  concept. 

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