'Sixer' helmet design
The white one was more modern minimalist style favoured by the Production Designer - its definitely more sophisticated looking than the clunkier version Spielberg went for. I think the director wanted a more robust version that could be thrown around. The approved version is  also more retro -more Robocop/Minority report. I'ld like to claim I meant that.  Turntables bottom of page.  (Created in Modo- with After Effects post work)
Loyalty centre habitats
The individual habitat pods are inspired by the capsule hotels  found in Japan. I designed plastic ones first (light, cheap, quiet, easy to clean!) but was urged to explore metal versions (bang, clang, screeeetch!).  Difficult to stop the shapes looking like something found in a washateria - the square door fixed that (looked like an oven instead).  The kitchen also looks modular, like it could be popped out and replaced when necessary.
Haptic suit sketches.
From trendy minimal white onesy to cobbled together with tape and string. PDs often say 'just sketch it just sketch it ...we don't need 3d!'  So I do, and the sketches get completely ignored. Depends on the director of course....some love sketches, others, you might as well sing to them. 
Environments and Sets
A blue sky design for Anorak's office quoting Superman's fortress of Solitude (art directed by the great Stuart Craig PD early in his career) and includes, if you look closely, the chair from Star Trek, an old Mac, probably a megadrive or a Nintendo -  I didn't try that hard with the Easter eggs.   Next to that is a VR chair for Sorrento which is guaranteed to give him motion-sickness. I was going for something cool and iconic. Quantum levitation, nuclear fusion, all that sciencey stuff- PD didn't agree. 

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