Environments and Sets 
Creatures including earlier B Movie monster and later more human version
Below is a turntable of an early b-movie version of monster which I thought was much funnier than the one that ended up in the movie. The idea at this point was that the creature had to collect eyes and when he had a full set he turned human or something. I liked that he was heavy enough to crash into the house and make bits of everything and then grab the kids and do the delicate process of plucking their eyes out. 
Wish I had more time to put cloth dynamics in the dress ....but it made the point well enough. 
Props including the 'monstrous machine' 
Early version of the 'monstrous machine' which attempted to demonstrate the complex rules about extracting essence of something or other from the Ybrynes  to be used for some other thing that I didn't really understand. B-movie goth silliness.

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